Spanish: Gazpacho soup and tortilla

Fernando got everyone involved in chopping and straining the tomatoes for the Gazpacho soup, which is a cold soup. In total we chopped and strained 5 kilos of tomatoes and many of us started to look like tomatoes by the end of it. The children practised using their claw and bridge cutting techniques on the tomatoes. The community garden is growing many different tomatoes and we are hoping to have a glut of tomatoes in the autumn.

As well as making the gazpacho, many had a go at making tortilla. The flipping over of the tortilla did prove a little difficult with at least one tortilla missing the pan. Tortilla is a great recipe as the vegetables used in the tortilla can change depending on what is in season. A green tortilla using Swiss chard can be fun too.

Throughout the afternoon and evening there were sudden downpours which added to the fun when we all had to shelter.

This was a very Spanish affair with a lot of people speaking Spanish. In total 42 people attended this session of which 11 were children.

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