English: homemade mayonnaise with radishes and courgette fritters with a coriander and lime dressing

Piers was the chef for this session, using seasonal vegetables from the garden. Piers has experience as a sous chef at River Cottage so it was great to see him in action in at our community kitchen.

The children were very interested in helping, harvesting salad leaves, chopping herbs and using the spiralizer with the courgette for fritters.

The mayonnaise with radishes was such a success that Anne-Marie made a second batch. Radishes are an easy vegetable to grow and particularly in spring can be a good one to grow as it can be harvested in six weeks before other vegetables are available.

The courgette fritters were great with the coriander and lime dressing. Most gardeners will experience a glut of courgettes at some point so having different methods to cook courgettes is very useful.

This session was attended by 43 people of which 23 were children.

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