Cooking and Gardening Survey

Shrubland TRA has been given Big Lottery money to help residents in the Shrubland Estate / Shrubland Road to do more growing and to teach each other to cook. The growing and cooking will lead to a Street Food Festival on Sunday 23 July.

We are asking members of Shrubland TRA to share their cooking practices with their neighbours to teach them to cook different dishes. Are you interested in learning to cook a new dish?

Would you like to teach others in the street to cook? We will also be getting more planters in the grow box area so that we can grow vegetables and herbs, which we can use in the cooking sessions. We will set up a gardening club so people can take part in food growing without having their own box and learn to grow food.

Would you like to learn to grow and get involved in a gardening club? Please provide answers in the short survey below. We will following up with you based on your answers.

    1. Learning to cook
    Would you be interested in attending a cooking class?
    Is there anything specific you would like to learn to cook?
    2. Teaching others to cook
    Would you be interested in teaching your neighbours / residents of Shrubland Estate / Shrubland Road to cook?
    Is there anything particular you would like to teach others?

    3. Learning to grow vegetables and herbs
    Are you interested in learning to grow vegetables and herbs?
    Would you like to join a gardening club?

    4. Grow boxes
    (Please note: Priority will be given to those without a garden and who do not have access to a grow box at the moment)
    Would you like to have your own grow box?

    5. General information. This information will be used to contact you to organise cooking sessions, gardening club or grow box access depending on your answers.

    House Number
    Please indicate if you live in Shrubland Road, Lovell House, Brownlow Road or Albion Drive
    Email Address
    Phone Number

    * 6. We would like to add your email address to the TRA's email distribution list so you can be kept informed about meetings, cooking classes, gardening club and other events.
    Please let us know if we can use your email address for other TRA business YesNo

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