Gardening club – harvest, meet and eat session

On a very hot Sunday afternoon, the gardening club met to harvest vegetables from the community plot and to turn them into lunch.

Marjon led this session with the help from the gardening club members, Gabriele and Lisa and her two children. We made Garlicky Swiss Chard, hummus and pesto. Swiss chard is easy to grow and can be harvested from early summer right through the winter. In the garden, we grow Rainbow Chard and the stems of the chard come in white, yellow, pink and red.

For the pesto we used basil and parsley but many other herbs can be used such as rocket or nasturtium leaves for example.

While having lunch, we had the opportunity to discuss how to build on the success of the gardening club and how to keep it manageable and relevant to the people involved and for the garden including developing a rota of gardening club members running it on different weekends and having a noticeboard with jobs for the week.

This session was attended by 10 residents, 3 of which were children.

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