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After the driest winter for 20 years, April experienced half its average rainfall. It was cold too, especially at night. Things were slow to grow – it was as if all the plants, and the seeds we were wanting to sprout, just knew that spring wasn’t quite here yet, and were happy to bide their time.

There were some lovely sunny days though, bringing warmth, and of course all that dry weather is ideal for getting things done in the open. The new community plots got onions, peas, garlic, carrots and radishes.

The beginning of the month saw the incredibly useful greenhouse begin to fill with small seedlings of several varieties of tomato, red, yellow and jalape├▒o peppers and aubergine, and seed trays waiting to sprout with salad leaves, courgette, and a dozen different kinds of bean.

By the end of the month, with just a few exceptions, these were burgeoning  into serious planting potential, and demanding equally serious amounts of water: Thank you John!

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