Shrubland residents send a message to Trump

A group of Shrubland residents joined together to contribute a banner to the Bridges Not Walls campaign.

The idea for the protest was to spread messages of solidarity, peace and hope at a time when fear and hate are rising. Banners with positive messages were made by local groups and dropped from bridges across the country on 20 Jan, the day Trump was inaugurated president.

As the group unfurled their banner on an icy morning from the canal bridge on Queensbridge Road, they were joined by the new Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville. As well as receiving a very positive response from passers by, and drivers tooting their horns in support, the event was reported in the Hackney Gazette.

Shrubland resident Marloes Nicholls said, “Hackney will always be a place that celebrates its proud history of diversity”.

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